Data In, Data Out

Measuring Your Impact is Hard, Let B Analytics
Make Your Job Easier

Data In, Data Out
  1. Your portfolio companies enter in data
  2. We aggregate and help analyze the data
  3. Tools are provided to benchmark & report
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The largest database of social & environmental performance data for private companies and exclusive source of data on certified B Corporations & GIIRS rated companies and funds.

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Case Studies

  • Serge LeVert-Chiasson

    Senior Partner, Sarona Asset Management

    Our investment committee likes to see whether or not the GIIRS fund manager...

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  • Jennifer McReynolds

    Investor Relations & Administration Manager,...

    We needed to have a system where an outsider could come in, audit our impact,...

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  • Eric Weinberg & Renana Shvartzvald

    Investor Relations Advisor & Head of Social...

    Setting up the fund, we sought advice on how to measure impact and came across...

    View Case Study
  • Becky Bailey

    COO, Agora Partnerships

    Integrating B Analytics into our process helped us develop more rigor around...

    View Case Study
  • Brian Cayce

    VP of Social Venture Group, Gray Ghost Ventures

    When a third party benchmarks your performance on a global barometer, it adds...

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  • Daniel Izzo

    General Partner, Vox Capital

    The structure of the B Analytics report – its ease of communication and...

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  • Bonny Moellenbrock & Rachele Haber-Thompson

    Investors' Circle...

    We need a standardized way to compare apples to apples across different impact...

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  • Tanya Beja

    Head of Industry and Investor Relations

    B Analytics will help streamline reporting, enhance robust benchmarking, add...

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  • Susie Lee

    Principal, TBL Capital

    We found the Fund Manager Assessment process to be very streamlined, efficient...

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  • Jennifer McKaig

    Social Impact Lead at Etsy

    Our employees deeply cared about the things the B Impact Assessment measured...

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  • Rob Michalak

    Director of Social Mission

    The B Impact Assessment added a new twist - it helped us understand where we...

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  • Luis Fernando Laranja da Fonseca

    Director of Ouro Verde

    We became more confident about our social impact when we had an objective...

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