The B Impact Assessment platform makes it easy for you to collect information from the companies and funds in your portfolio, supply chain, or association. Companies answer questions on their worker, environmental, and community practices in our free, intuitive Assessment tool—the answers are automatically collected for your team in our B Analytics platform.

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No More Messy Spreadsheets

All your company data are automatically aggregated and stored in the cloud for you.

Intuitive Platform

Data is collected through a user-friendly survey-style online platform that makes it easy for users to bookmark and update answers.

B Lab Support

The B Lab team is available by phone and online to help users with the measurement process.

Built-in Benchmarking

The B Impact Assessment is used to certify B Corps, giving you comparable data from thousands of high-performing companies.


Company data is secure and shared only in aggregate and de-identified for benchmarking purposes.

Educational Experience

Best practices and help text for companies are built into every B Impact Assessment question.

Choose the measurement options that best fit your needs

Full B Impact Assessment:

Comprehensively assess a company’s overall social and environmental performance using the assessment used to certify B Corporations.

Thematic & Industry Data:

Add on metric sets assembled by B Lab to collect indicators on impact themes such as poverty alleviation or carbon reduction.

Custom Data:

Choose individual metrics from the IRIS Catalog, SASB, and the SMART Campaign, or create your own questions to make sure you get the exact data you’re looking for.

Validate Your Company Data

Once your companies have self-reported data through the B Impact Assessment, you can choose to have that data validated by B Lab. Select a level of validation that suits your needs, or stick with self-assessment for your companies:

Phone Review:

B Lab staff review questions over the phone that may have been difficult to answer and help companies refine answers so that they better fit the intent of the questions.

Document Review:

Companies and funds submit documents for material questions within the B Impact Assessment. Validation through supporting documentation ensures a greater degree of accuracy.

On-Site Review:

An on-site review is the highest form of validation B Lab provides. This involves documentation review, employee interviews, and a plant/facility walk through.

  • Etsy

    Jennifer McKaig

    "Our employees deeply cared about the things the B Impact Assessment measured. They wanted to work together to raise our score. "
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  • Investors' Circle

    Bonny Moellenbrock & Rachele Haber-Thompson

    "We need a standardized way to compare apples to apples across different impact areas. We saw great potential to do this with B Analytics. "
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  • Ouro Verde

    Luis Fernando Laranja da Fonseca

    "We became more confident about our social impact when we had an objective standard to measure our success against. "
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