Understand Your Impact

Highlight your positive impact and identify weaknesses, building value both for the world and your company’s bottom line.

Gain Visibility with Leading Impact Investors

Getting listed on B Analytics exposes a company to 100+ impact-focused investors who have a stated preference for GIIRS Rated Companies.

Build Credibility

GIIRS Ratings are a best-in-class framework for reporting on impact; publicizing your GIIRS Rating communicates credibility to B Analytics subscribers and external stakeholders.

Reduce Your Risk & Improve Financial Performance

Gain a unique understanding of ways in which ESG practices and business models can be leveraged to drive value and minimize risk.

Improve Your Impact

Access 50+ and counting best practice guides and a customized improvement report to identify improvement opportunities specific to your company.

Streamline Your Impact Reporting

Use your GIIRS Ratings to report to multiple investors through B Analytics.

Benchmark Your Performance

Benchmarking data compares your company to all other GIIRS Rated companies and to companies of relevant size, market, and sector.

Become a B Corp

Companies that receive a GIIRS Rating of over 80 points are eligible to pursue B Corp Certification. Learn more >>


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