Find Companies & Funds

GIIRS rated companies and funds are highlighted in the search features of B Analytics as being best in class in terms of measurement practices.

Measure & Evaluate

Gain a holistic picture of a company’s or fund’s impact through a GIIRS rating, not just a component of their model or operations.

Benchmark & Report

By utilizing GIIRS you will be able to not only take advantage of benchmarking on specific data points, but also on the overall scores of rated companies and funds.

Improve Your Impact

The improve your score tools are optimized to be used with companies that completing the full B Impact Assessment.

Differentiate Yourself

GIIRS Ratings are the gold standard for impact measurement in impact investing. Differentiate yourself with investors and stakeholders by getting GIIRS rated or asking your portfolio to get rated.

Largest Data Set

By asking your portfolio to get GIIRS rated, you will be able to take advantage of the largest data set available in B Analytics for benchmarking.

Sample Reports

View a sample GIIRS report for a company or fund.

Company ReportFund Report


Case Studies

  • Serge LeVert-Chiasson

    Senior Partner, Sarona Asset Management

    Our investment committee likes to see whether or not the GIIRS fund manager...

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  • Becky Bailey

    COO, Agora Partnerships

    Integrating B Analytics into our process helped us develop more rigor around...

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  • Brian Cayce

    VP of Social Venture Group, Gray Ghost Ventures

    When a third party benchmarks your performance on a global barometer, it adds...

    View Case Study
  • Daniel Izzo

    General Partner, Vox Capital

    The structure of the B Analytics report – its ease of communication and...

    View Case Study
  • Bonny Moellenbrock & Rachele Haber-Thompson

    Investors' Circle...

    We need a standardized way to compare apples to apples across different impact...

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  • Tanya Beja

    Head of Industry and Investor Relations

    B Analytics will help streamline reporting, enhance robust benchmarking, add...

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  • Susie Lee

    Principal, TBL Capital

    We found the Fund Manager Assessment process to be very streamlined, efficient...

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  • Dr. Kahaki Kimani

    Director of Hurlingham Eye Care

    We had to involve our employees in [the Assessment] so that they were not only...

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  • Frank Carpenito

    CEO of Dancing Deer Baking Company

    The Assessment revealed to us that we were engaged in many positive practices...

    View Case Study
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