This metric set provides indicators for companies offering vocational training. Please pair with the Serving In-need Customers metric set for more detailed data on underprivileged students.

Metric Answer Options Source
Please tell us more about your education product or service. Textbox BIA, IRIS (PD7899)
Current number of students enrolled Fill-in # IRIS (PI2389)
Student retention rate during the reporting period Fill-in % IRIS (PI9319)
Current number of full-time and part-time teachers employed Fill-in # IRIS (OI5896)
Graduation rate of the most recent cohort Fill-in %  
If relevant, graduation rate of low income students in the most recent cohort Fill-in %  
% of graduates are placed in jobs in a relevant field during the last reporting period Fill-in %  
Do you track graduates to gauge their "success" post-program/intervention? 1. No
2. Yes - for less than 12 months
3. Yes - for 1-2 years
4. Yes - for 3-5 years
5. Yes - for more than 5 years
Did assessments show improvement in students' educational outcomes during the last reporting period? 1. Yes
2. No, not at this time
3. N/A - no assessments conducted
What % of graduates stay in the same job after the following periods of time?
a. 1 month
b. 3 months
c. 6 months
d. 12 months
Fill-in %  
% of graduates who receive health care benefits as part of their new job during the reporting period Fill-in %  
% of graduates who report to be self-sufficient within 12 months of completing the program during the report period Fill-in %  
What % of graduates are gainfully employed in full-time permanent positions 3 years after graduation? Fill-in % BIA
What % of graduates default on their student loans? Fill-in %  
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