Includes metrics from: Income statement metrics & ratios, balance sheet metrics & ratios, cash flow/liquidity metrics, new capital metrics.

Metric Answer Options Source
On what date did your last fiscal year (e.g. FY2013) end? Fill-in date IRIS (OD7111)
What currency did you use for financial reporting during the last fiscal year (e.g. FY2012)? Use this currency to report on all currency-related metrics in the assessment. Selection list IRIS (OD5990)
Total Earned Revenue Fill-in $ IRIS (FP5958)
Cost of Goods Sold Fill-in $ IRIS (FP9049)
EBIT (Earnings Before Interest & Taxes) Fill-in $ IRIS (FP3673)
Net Income Fill-in $ IRIS (FP1301)
Total Assets Fill-in $ IRIS (FP5293)
Total Liabilities Fill-in $ IRIS (FP2651)
Stockholders' Equity Fill-in $ IRIS (FP5317)
Return on Equity (ROE) Fill-in % IRIS (FP2651)
Debt Ratio Fill-in %  
New Investment Capital Fill-in $ IRIS (FP8293)
ROI Fill-in %  
Please explain your methodology and assumptions used to calculate the ROI figure above. Textbox  
Retained Earnings Fill-in $  
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