These are reach metrics picked out from the B Impact Assessment's Impact Business Model section, covering size of revenue, customer base and product sales, and the IRIS catalogue.

Metric Answer Options Source
How many customers/clients/beneficiaries were served through the provision of the above products or services during the last 12 months? Please provide figures that are as accurate as possible. Estimates within +/- 5% acceptable. Do not double count (if reporting number of communities, do not also report the number of individuals in that community).
a. Individuals
b. Households
c. Communities
d. Businesses/Non-Profits
e. Government
Fill-in # BIA, IRIS (PI4060, PI7954)
What were your total revenues last fiscal year from the above products or services? Fill-in $ BIA
What % of your revenues last fiscal year were from the above products or services? This % is automatically calculated by clicking the Refresh Calculation button below. Automatically calculated BIA
What is the unit of measure for reporting the units sold, produced, exported or installed by the company? 1. Hectares
2. Hours
3. Kilograms
4. Kilometers
5. kWH
6. Licenses
7. Liters
8. Square feet
9. Square meters
10. Metric tonnes
11. Pounds
12. Tons
13. Transactions
14. Units
15. Other (please describe)
Amount of the product or service sold in the last fiscal year. Fill-in # BIA
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