Metric Answer Options Source
Current total number of active borrowers Fill-in # IRIS (PI8732)
Of the new borrowers, how many are considered low-income, poor or very poor? Fill-in #  
Number of client individuals participating in the following types of training during the reporting period:
a. Business/microenterprise training
b. Education courses
c. Women's empowerment training
Fill-in #  
How many workers are being employed by businesses and organizations that your institution is lending to? Fill-in # IRIS (PI4874)
Student attendance rate during the last academic year: Fill-in % IRIS (PI3786)
Operating Expense Ratio Fill-in % IRIS (FP8569)
Finance Expense Ratio Fill-in %  
Operational Self-sufficiency Ratio Fill-in %  
Yield on Gross Portfolio Fill-in %  
The value of non-performing loans that have one or more installments of principal past due for:
a. 30 days
b. 60 days
c. 90 days
Fill-in $ IRIS (FP2635, FP6354, FP6373)
Write Off Ratio Fill-in %  
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