While a company's or fund's GIIRS Impact Rating is current(14), the company or fund will be listed as "Rated" on the publicly-available GIIRS Impact Rating Directory, found at www.giirs.org. In addition to being listed on the GIIRS Impact Rating Directory, the first page of the GIIRS Impact Rating Report for a rated company or fund will be listed on GIIRS Analytics and available for viewing by subscribers to the GIIRS Analytics platform (GIIRS' subscription-based data warehouse). The full GIIRS Impact Rating Report and underlying data for a company or fund will be shared with current investors and fund managers via the GIIRS Analytics platform. Lastly, the rated company or fund owns their GIIRS Impact Rating Report and can share it with other investors, prospective investors, and include it in their PPM as they begin to raise additional capital.

Other than as outlined in this section, identifiable information entered into the GIIRS assessment form is considered confidential, and GIIRS will take reasonable precautions to protect such identifiable information. Companies and funds can opt for additional incremental transparency as outlined in the GIIRS assessment. To the extent the company or fund elects any increased transparency, the terms set out in the assessment will supersede the terms here.

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Company Sets "Privacy Settings" in "Review Data Sharing" Online in Company Portal

Within the Company portal, a company can opt-out of including financial data that may be sensitive or that the company may want to keep confidential. These privacy settings can be found on the "Review Data Sharing" tab on the progress bar in the Company Portal. The Fund portal has a similar function for fund managers who would like to keep their financial data and performance estimates private.

GIIRS privacy settings screenshot
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