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Are all your full-time, part-time and temporary workers paid minimum wage or above? 1. Yes
2. No
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Are all your independent contractors paid above minimum wage or above? 1. Yes
2. No
Custom Metric
Are all the workers hired by the company's sub-contractors paid above minimum wage or above? 1. Yes
2. No
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What is the company's entry level (lowest) hourly wage? Please exclude students and interns in this calculation. Fill-in $ BIA
What % above the minimum wage did your lowest-paid worker (full-time, part-time or temporary) receive during the last fiscal year? If your lowest-paid hourly worker received only the minimum wage, select <10%. If there is no minimum wage in your country or if all workers are on salary, select N/A. 1. <10%
2. 10-29%
3. 30-49%
4. 50-69%
5. 70-89%
6. 90%+
7. N/A
Does your company have a written employee handbook that workers have access to and includes the following information? 1. A non-discrimination statement
2. Statement on work hours
3. Pay and performance issues
4. Policies on benefits, training and leave
5. Grievance resolution
6. Disciplinary procedures and possible sanctions
7. Statement regarding workers' right to bargain collectively and freedom of association
8. Prohibition of child labor and forced/compulsory labor
9. No written employee handbook
If you have a written non-discrimination policy, which of the following are covered in hiring and in the workplace? Check all that apply. 1. Gender
2. Race
3. Color
4. Disability
5. Political opinion
6. Sexual orientation
7. Age
8. Religion
9. HIV status
10.No written policy
Is there a written whistleblower policy for workers to raise complaints / issues without fear of reprisal? 1. Yes
2. No
What was the attrition rate at the company for full-time and tenured part-time workers (excluding workers terminated with cause) for the last 12 months? 1. 0-2.4%
2. 2.5-4.9%
3. 5-10%
4. >10%
Are written policies and practices in place to minimize on-the-job employee accidents and injuries? 1. Yes
2. No
3. N/A
Are injury/accident/lost days/absentee days measured and transparent? 1. Yes
2. No
3. N/A
Please indicate if the following statements are true regarding whether or not the company engages in the following practices. Check all that apply. If the statement is true, select "True." If false, select "False." 1. Company workers, company contractors, company subcontractors or day-workers are paid minimum wage or above
2. Company or company suppliers do not use any workers who are prisoners
3. Company or company supplier does not employ workers under the age of 15 (or other minimum work age covered by the International Labour Organization Convention No. 138 ) and company keeps personnel records that include evidence of the date of birth of each
4. Company does not keep workers' original Id Cards/Passports
5. Company allows workers to freely leave the site during non-working hours or at the end of their shift (including workers who live on site)
6. Company allows workers to freely associate and to bargain collectively for the terms of one’s employment
7. Company keeps a signed contract of employment with each worker
8. Overtime work for hourly workers is voluntary (not compulsory)
9. Company provides payslips or equivalent to all workers to clearly show how wages are calculated and any deductions made
10. Company provides clean drinking water to employees at all times
11. Company has not reduced or minimized taxes through the use of corporate shells or structural means
Please indicate if the company has had any formal complaint to a regulatory agency or been assessed any fine or sanction in the past five years for any of the following practices or policies. Check all that apply. 1. Diversity and equal opportunity
2. Employee safety or workplace conditions
3. Labor issues (internal and supply chain)
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