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Fund Rating Process

Congratulations on your commitment to measure and manage the impact of your fund. Below are details about the GIIRS fund rating process.

Once you’ve signed your B Analytics subscription agreement, you will receive an introduction to your primary relationship manager -- a B Analytics Services Associate -- and a Standards Analyst team member. They will be your key contacts at B Lab and will help you and your portfolio companies get through the rating process quickly and accurately!

Fund Cohort Information

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our upcoming Measure What Matters Fund Cohort!

The information below is designed to answer your questions about participation. If you have any additional questions, please email your B Lab Relationship Manager (Amanda Kizer or Neha Kumar).

Measure What Matters Initiative Launches

In 2011, leading impact investors put a stake in the ground—they declared their support for a common impact management platform by using B Analytics, GIIRS Ratings, and the B Impact Assessment.


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