This metric set includes indicators of scale, service quality and health outcome for health care services providers e.g. hospitals, vaccination services, community health workers, prenatal care. You may pair this set of metrics with the Health IBM in the B Impact Assessment (or the Reach Metrics metric set) and Serving In-Need Customers metric set.

Metric Answer Options Source
Total number of patients/beneficiaries served during the last reporting period. Fill-in #  
Total number of patients/beneficiaries who were provided new access to health products and services as a result of your company. Fill-in #  
Current number of caregivers employed Fill-in # IRIS (OI5323)
Total number of caregivers trained/served during the last reporting period. Fill-in # IRIS (PI2998)
If the product/service you provides require treatment over time (as opposed to a one-time use), what % of clients successfully completed a full course of treatment during the last 12 months? Fill-in % IRIS (PI3902)
If relevant, what is the utilization rate of your critical equipment/facility in the last reporting period? Fill-in % IRIS (PI5743)
If your company/facility has conducted satisfaction surveys for patients/beneficiaries during the last reporting period, what % of those surveyed were "satisfied" with the services provided? Fill-in %  
Is your company able to demonstrate any evidence of health improvements for beneficiaries served, relative other benchmarks (such as over multiple reporting period, or as compared to a wider population base)? 1. Yes
2. No
Please provide a brief description of the outcomes identified above and the benchmarks utilized. Textbox  
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