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Does your company have the following charitable giving practices implemented in practice or written in policy? 1. Statement on the intended social or environmental impact of company's charitable contributions
2. Cash and in-kind donations (excluding political causes)
3. Volunteer and pro bono service
4. Formal donations commitment (e.g. 1% for the planet)
5. Matching individual workers' charitable donations
6. Allowing workers and/or customers to select charities to receive company's donations
7. Other (please describe)
8. None of the above
Total earned revenue from the last fiscal year. Fill-in $ BIA, IRIS (FP3774)
Total amount (in currency terms) donated for charitable-giving purposes during the last fiscal year. Report with the currency specified in GV1.2 for this metric. Fill-in $ BIA, IRIS (OI1582)
What was the % of profits or sales that your company gave to charity during the last fiscal year? Please select the lesser of % of profits or % of sales that the company donated in each answer bucket. Please include tax deductible in-kind donations but do not include pro bono time. 1. 0%
2. 1-3% of profits or <1% of sales
3. 4-9% of profits or 1-2.4% of sales
4. 10-49% of profits or 2.5-12.4% of sales
5. 50+% of profits or 12.5+% of sales
6. Don't know
Does your company do any of the following? 1. Play a leadership role with recipient charitable organizations (e.g. board or advisory board participation)
2. Use a 3rd party screen to ensure that recipient organizations are values aligned
3. Use a 3rd party screen to ensure that recipient organizations are efficiently allocating resources (i.e. Guidestar, Charity Navigator)
4. None of the above
Are full-time employees granted in writing any of the following paid or non-paid time-off hours options for volunteer service? 1. Non-paid time off
2. Paid time off
3. 20 hours or more a year of paid time off
4. Do not offer paid or non-paid time off
What % of employees took paid time off for volunteer service last year? 1. 0%
2. 1-24%
3. 25-49%
4. 50-75%
5. >75%
6. Don't know
Number of hours volunteered by full-time and part-time employees of the organization during the last fiscal year. This should include both paid and unpaid time spent volunteering during traditional work hours, either for company-organized events or for employee-initiated activities. Fill-in # BIA, IRIS (OI8429)
What was the % of per capita worker volunteer, community service, or pro bono time donated in the reporting period? Calculate using a 2000-hour work year: Total Hours Donated / (# FTE * 2000 hours) 1. 0%
2. 1-2.4% of time
3. 2.5-5% of time
4. >5% of time
5. Don't know / not monitored
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