Pricing Information

Only a Basic subscription is currently available to business networks. A variety of opt-in features are available for additional fees.

  Basic Subscription
Business Network Individual
Annual Fee $3500
Licenses Per Subscription 1
Analytics Listing Check Mark
Find Companies & Funds Check Mark
Market Trends Check Mark
Measurement & Evaluation - Reviewed Data Collection/Ratings for 15 companies (Comprehensive or Thematic & Industry Data) Check Mar
Data Access for 50 companies Check Mark
Improvement Tools Check Mark
Benchmarking & Reporting - Individual Metrics Check Mark
Benchmarking & Reporting - Scores Check Mark
Recognition As a Registered User Check Mark
Custom Metrics & Analytics Opt In
Custom Landing Page Opt In
Consulting Services Opt In
Data access for an additional 50 companies Opt In
Measurement & Evaluation - Reviewed Data Collection/Ratings for Companies or Fund Managers (Comprehensive or Thematic & Industry Data) Opt In
Measurement & Evaluation - Unreviewed Data Collection for Additional Companies Opt In

Opt In Services

These features are available along with a Premium subscription for additional fees.

Service Annual Fee
Custom Metrics & Analytics $2000 per custom report
Custom Landing Page $500
Consulting Services $150 an hour
Data Access for An Additional 50 Companies or Fund Managers $2,000
Measurement & Evaluation - Reviewed Data Collection/Ratings for Additional Companies < $50m in revenue - $300 per company
> $50m in revenue - $500 per company
Validation Reviewed Ratings: $1,000 per company
Onsite Reviewed Ratings: $5,000 per company
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