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Measure What Matters Initiative Launches

In 2011, leading impact investors put a stake in the ground—they declared their support for a common impact management platform by using B Analytics, GIIRS Ratings, and the B Impact Assessment.

Their leadership inspired a big wave. By the end of 2014, there were already 140 investors using B Analytics, 80 GIIRS Rated funds, and over 30,000 businesses around the globe measuring what matters. However, investors are not the only stakeholders who see the value of encouraging all companies to monitor and manage their impact.

Today, 55 leading business networks, supply chain managers, and governments are joining with B Lab and the impact investing community as part of the Measure What Matters initiative. We all see the same opportunity: to make it easy and valuable for all companies to measure what matters most—the impact of their business on society and the environment. By joining together, this shared vision will create a supportive environment in which all businesses compete to be not only best in the world, but best for the world.

Not sure how these new partners fit in? Meet three of the newest Measure What Matters partners and see how they're using these platforms:

Seventh Generation

This Certified B Corporation is educating their suppliers on how to improve their impact so that all companies they purchase from qualify for B Corp certification by 2020. They are teaming up with nine other B Corporations, including King Arthur Flour, COOK Foods, and New Leaf Community Markets, as part of a cohort of B Corps focusing on supply chain management.


The leading localist business network is encouraging their member companies to improve their impact on the local economy by using a custom version of the Quick Impact Assessment. BALLE is joined by Local First Western Michigan, Sustainable Connections, and Local First Arizona.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation

This governmental agency is launching a city-wide campaign called Best for NYC to inspire and equip all companies in New York City to use their business as a force for good for low-wage workers by challenging them to the Quick Impact Assessment, improve their impact, and go on to complete the full B Impact Assessment. NYCEDC is joined in this effort by other community-based institutions like the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, BOCNet, CAMBA, and others.

Watch the Best for NYC video to learn more.

By creating incentives and platforms to help the companies they work with use business as a force for good, Measure What Matters partner organizations are planting the seeds for a future when all companies measure and manage their impact with the same rigor as they do profits.

Contact us to get involved.

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