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Interested in measuring the social and environmental impact of your business, portfolio, or network of companies? Join over 100 leading investors, supply chain managers, business networks, and multinational businesses using B Analytics to measure and improve their positive impact.

B Analytics is an intuitive, customizable, and best in class platform for measuring, benchmarking, and improving your network’s impact.

B Analytics houses the largest database of social and environmental performance of private companies globally, collected from over 50,000 users of the B Impact Assessment. Companies answer questions on their worker, environmental, and community practices in our free B Impact Assessment tool, and the answers are automatically collected for your team to aggregate, benchmark, and analyze in our B Analytics platform.

Sign up for a free two week trial of B Analytics to learn if our tools are right for your organization's impact data analysis. Please note that trials are with sample data only.

*Thank you for your interest in B Analytics! Due to high volume of interest and our upcoming Champions Retreat, we'll resume 1:1 calls with interested parties in mid-October.

B Analytics Overview

Watch this video to learn if our tools are right for your organization.


“The value of B Lab’s tools is in their ability inform and enable our local businesses to assess business practices across a range of issues and compare themselves directly with their peers. It allows our members to measure what works, and pursue improvement and innovation that can help all members of our community.” - Elissa Hillary, Executive Director of Local First Western Michigan

“Thanks to B Analytics, we can easily understand where each of our subsidiaries are in the B Impact Assessment, how they’re performing, and generate our aggregated BIA score to know how close we are to our goal of certification.” - Geoff Manchester, Co-founder & Director, Intrepid Group

“We think that the B Impact Assessment is a great tool for businesses at any stage to learn the breadth of business practices that their peers have either wrestled with or adopted. So whether you’re  a small company just getting going and professionalizing or a larger one that hasn’t gotten to the tougher areas, there’s always room for improvement. To be able to benchmark against the right size, stage, geography in B Analytics will allow companies to focus on the things they should be.” - Brian Trelstad, Partner at Bridges Ventures


Product & Program Demos

Not interested in a trial, but want to learn more about our tools and programs? Request our full B Analytics Demo video or email us if you would like to schedule a one on one demo.

B Analytics Demo

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