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Upcoming Features

In Q2 of 2014 we plan to release the following new features for B Analytics:

1. Updated GIIRS Company Reports: The new company reports will feature GIIRS updated fund rating method with separate ratings for a company's operations and impact business models. 

2. Updated GIIRS Fund Reports: The new fund report will feature more granular benchmarking information 

3. Ability to collect data on a periodic basis: Investors and fund managers will now be able to collect custom data from their portfolio companies on time period of their choosing (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc)

4. Access to multi-year ratings data for funds: Subscribers to B Analytics will now be able to see multiple years of ratings information for funds


CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY: The statements set forth in this presentation about the product roadmap of B Analytics reflect B Lab's current expectations for its product and services offerings as of the date of the presentation. It is presented for information purposes only and B Lab is not obligated to provide any of these deliverables. B Analytics product roadmap is subject to change without notice. B Lab disclaims any obligation to update this presentation after the date of this presentation.

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