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Launch a program that can teach all businesses, not just social enterprises, about how create higher quality jobs, build stronger communities, and preserve a healthier environment.

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Demonstrate Your Leadership

Your region has an incredible opportunity to harness the power of business to help address systemic social problems ranging from homelessness to youth incarceration to food deserts. Here’s why cities like New York and Denver see this program as a concrete way to engage with private sector on these issues:

Create a Race to the Top

Balance the regulatory approach with programs that can inspire businesses to do good. Create an environment where companies compete to do good for the region and actively invite their peer businesses to do the same.

Attract Business and Talent to Your Region

Lift up case studies about innovative businesses who are helping solve your region’s key issues. Elevate role models who will inspire talented people to do businesses in your region.

Engage Mainstream Businesses

The combination of the online tools, live programming, and awards programs makes it easy to demonstrate the value of this campaign to businesses who normally don’t focus on these topics.

Gather Data to Drive Policies

Use data and trends from B Analytics to inform public policies that reward high impact businesses.

How does the program work?

1. Educate businesses about how to create high quality jobs, strengthen communities, and preserve the environment by taking the Best For Challenge.

The Challenge is an abridged version of the original B Impact Assessment. It is free to use and takes about 40 mins to complete for most businesses. Companies receive immediate feedback on their performance and can compare their their performance against thousands of other businesses.

2. Equip companies with tools and technical assistance to help them improve

Make it easy for businesses to implement the practices they learned about in the online tool through in-person workshops or technical assistance, mentorship or hands-on assistance from local businesses, coaches, or students.

3. Celebrate companies that participate or improve

Establish an associated awards program that can provide businesses a firm deadline to participate and demonstrate their improvements. Find and share compelling stories of businesses already doing good that can inspire others. Winners are determined objectively by the companies’ resulting B Impact Scores, which then creates room for businesses to set clear, objective goals for future years; it also allows your program to recognize thousands of companies at scale.

  • BOCnet (Best for NYC)

    Nancy Carin

    "We found B Analytics incredibly helpful to identify the aggregate positive impact of our businesses and evaluate the industry-specific impact of groups we serve. "
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Partner Testimonials

Best for Cities Testimonial: Business Outreach Center (BOC)

Sample Program Budget

Based on the budgets of past launched programs in small to mid-size cities, we estimate that future regions will require at minimum the following investments. Example budgets from other regions are available upon request.

  Pilot Year 1 Year 2

Core Program Assets
(Core technology, IP, training, and support from B Lab)




Campaign Coordination
(Dedicated staff member @ Lead Partner, Website, collateral, press and event coordination)








  Total Investment $1.1M


Join the Next Class of Cities

Deadline: June 30, 2017

B Lab will connect and train your region alongside other cities that are also on the path to launching a Best For program. Download the program kit below to explore whether your city should join the class of 2017.

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