Use B Analytics to benchmark your portfolio or network's impact and easily analyze and export data to report to your stakeholders. B Analytics houses the largest database of social and environmental performance data on private companies globally, collected from over 50,000 users of the B Impact Assessment.

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Easy Data Collection

When companies answer questions in the B Impact Assessment, your team can see it in B Analytics.

Data Visualization

Use our powerful Tableau-based dashboard and charting engine to produce compelling visuals on your companies’ impact


B Analytics has the largest and most comprehensive data set of private company impact data. Benchmark your portfolio against B Corporations, other sustainable businesses and funds, and traditional companies using targeted benchmarking filters. You can track performance over time, celebrate successes, and track aggregate performance against KPIs.


Set quantitative and qualitative targets, or encourage your companies to set their own. Track progress over time and access a large library of improvement resources and best practice guides to help your companies manage for impact.

Streamlined Reporting

Our flexible platform allows you to fulfill all your impact data reporting needs in one place and share information with stakeholders easily

Aggregated Performance

See how your portfolio performs collectively on key performance indicators that matter to you.

  • Gray Ghost Ventures

    Jennifer McReynolds

    "We needed to have a system where an outsider could come in, audit our impact, and understand it without jumping through multiple hoops. B Lab was able to provide us with that. "
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  • Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd.

    Becky Bailey

    "Integrating B Analytics into our process helped us develop more rigor around impact measurement. "
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  • Sarona Asset Management

    Serge LeVert-Chiasson

    "Our investment committee likes to see whether or not the GIIRS fund manager evaluation is in line with our own assessment of the opportunity. Between the two, we can come up with a consolidated, holistic interpretation of a fund manager’s view of impact and a much more valid and trustworthy understanding of the impact of a particular investment strategy. "
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