About B Analytics

B Analytics is a flexible data platform for measuring, benchmarking, and reporting on impact.

B Analytics gives you access to tools that help you:

  • Companies & Funds

    Find new impactful Companies & Funds

  • Market Trends

    Learn about the Marketplace

  • Measure & Evaluate

    Measure & Evaluate the impact of your portfolio

  • Benchmarking & Reporting

    Make Benchmarking & Reporting on your impact easier

  • Improve Your Impact

    Improve the Impact of your portfolio

Our Products

B Analytics provides tools that makes it easy to manage impact measurement and reporting for your impact investing portfolio, business network, or supply chain.

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Our Customers

B Analytics makes the process of measuring impact easier and more meaningful for investors (LPs) & advisors, fund managers, associations, and individual companies.

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One Stop Shop

B Analytics provides a one stop shop for access to the IRIS Catalog, PULSE, and GIIRS Ratings.

B Analytics

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