No more messy spreadsheets

All your data is stored in the cloud and is easily accessible by you.

Built in Validation

Data validation built into the system - you can choose the level of validation that is right for your needs.

Easy Data Entry

Portfolio companies are given the option to report directly into the system or you can input data on their behalf.

Help Desk

B Lab team available to help your portfolio companies or members through the measurement process.


Our tools are multi-lingual allowing you to collect data in multiple languages to access a broader portfolio.

Measurement Options

Choose the measurement option or a combination of options that best suits your needs.

Comprehensive Assessment

Assess a company’s overall social and environmental performance using the the B Impact Assessment (BIA).

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Thematic & Industry Data

B Analytics Metric Sets measure impact on impact themes such as poverty alleviation or carbon reduction.

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Custom Data

Choose metrics from the IRIS Catalog or create your own questions.

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B Analytics Validation

How is data validated that is collected through the
B Analytics platform?

Learn About Validation


  • Sarona Asset Management

    Serge LeVert-Chiasson

    "Our investment committee likes to see whether or not the GIIRS fund manager evaluation is in line with our own assessment of the opportunity. Between the two, we can come up with a consolidated, holistic interpretation of a fund manager’s view of impact and a much more valid and trustworthy understanding of the impact of a particular investment strategy. "
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  • Investors' Circle

    Bonny Moellenbrock & Rachele Haber-Thompson

    "We need a standardized way to compare apples to apples across different impact areas. We saw great potential to do this with B Analytics. "
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