Member Improvement

Provide educational workshops through live events or webinars that will help your members implement best practices.

Improve Your Impact

Business owners love using the B Impact Assessment as an easy, useful tool to assess and improve their impact. See Case Studies >

Analyze Membership Data

Use B Analytics to analyze which impact areas your business members excel in and where they need assistance. See Examples >

Leverage Data for Enhanced Fundraising

Share with funders and the community how your members’ impact stacks up.

Leverage Data for
Public Policy Efforts

Advocate for public policies that support your members given data that shows why they are worthy.

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Business Networks

Workplace Diversity

Improve Practices & Redefine Success

Now more than ever, your business association, angel network, trade association, exchange, accelerator, or incubator can help champion the idea that every business aught to measure their social and environmental performance as readily as the measure their bottom line. Your leadership in this regard will help businesses voluntarily improve their practices and redefine what it means to be successful in business.

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