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Companies with a commitment to social and environmental performance perform better financially.

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Use B Analytics to determine if you are meeting your social and environmental performance goals and create a baseline for improvements.

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  • Etsy

    Jennifer McKaig

    "Our employees deeply cared about the things the B Impact Assessment measured. They wanted to work together to raise our score. "
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  • Rob Michalak

    "The B Impact Assessment added a new twist - it helped us understand where we are in comparison to other companies. "
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  • Ouro Verde

    Luis Fernando Laranja da Fonseca

    "We became more confident about our social impact when we had an objective standard to measure our success against. "
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  • Tal Dehtiar

    "Taking the Assessment was a validating exercise for our employees - it showed the team that we were already doing some amazing stuff with our company."
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  • Juan Cristóbal and Alan Mackiewicz

    "[The Assessment] opened our eyes, because we thought we were way better than we actually were as a company."
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  • Dr. Kahaki Kimani

    "We had to involve our employees in [the Assessment] so that they were not only aware of but also owned this initiative."
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  • Jessicah and Brad Wager

    "[The Assessment] gave us strong inspiration and some concrete ideas to act upon."
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  • Frank Carpenito

    "The Assessment revealed to us that we were engaged in many positive practices but that there was much room for improvement in almost every area we were being scored on. "
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  • Seventh Generation

    Penny Tudor

    "Through this partnership we have been able to better engage our suppliers to measure their impact. By analyzing that impact data and identifying areas in need of improvement, we are able to better assist our suppliers in improving sustainability. "
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  • Andres Felipe Perilla Rodriguez

    "The program generated better relationships with our suppliers, building trust with them, being able to talk about different topics besides the business. "
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Company Marketplace

Company Marketplace

B Analytics Market Trend Data offers you the ability to access and analyze detailed ratings information and metrics at an anonymous aggregate level by market, sector and size.

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