Global Coverage

Covering 1000 companies, 40 countries and 120 industries.


Level of verification made transparent.

Data Options

Access to both standardized and customized data.

Reporting Features

Dynamic charts and graphs to communicate with stakeholders.

Compare Data

Ability to compare impact data you collect over time and versus peers.

Export to Excel

Easily export raw data
to excel.

Benchmark & Report Options

Meet your impact reporting needs by analyzing, benchmarking and communicating your portfolio's performance compared to market trends.

Benchmark Your Portfolio

Benchmark your portfolio against B Corporations, other sustainable businesses and funds, and traditional companies using targeted benchmarking filters.

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Report to Investors & Stakeholders

Meet your internal and external reporting requirements with one integrated tool that helps you collect, analyze and report data.

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  • Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd.

    Becky Bailey

    "Integrating B Analytics into our process helped us develop more rigor around impact measurement. "
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  • Vox

    Daniel Izzo

    "The structure of the B Analytics report – its ease of communication and efficacy for understanding our impact – was able to guide the investor discussion, along with other considerations that led to the investment decision. "
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  • Susie Lee

    "We found the Fund Manager Assessment process to be very streamlined, efficient and useful. The rating system is now at a point where fund manager feedback has been integrated and it increasingly meets the needs of fund managers and their investors."
    View Case Study
  • Rob Michalak

    "The B Impact Assessment added a new twist - it helped us understand where we are in comparison to other companies. "
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  • Ouro Verde

    Luis Fernando Laranja da Fonseca

    "We became more confident about our social impact when we had an objective standard to measure our success against. "
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  • Juan Cristóbal and Alan Mackiewicz

    "[The Assessment] opened our eyes, because we thought we were way better than we actually were as a company."
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  • Andres Felipe Perilla Rodriguez

    "The program generated better relationships with our suppliers, building trust with them, being able to talk about different topics besides the business. "
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