Measure What Matters

May 19, 2015

55 leading business networks, supply chain managers, and governments join with B Lab and other B Analytics subscribers as part of the Measure What Matters initiative, using the B Analytics and B Impact Assessment tools to build a supportive environment for all companies to measure what matters—their impact on society and the environment

First Measure What Matters Summit

October 15, 2015

GIIRS Funds, B Analytics subscribers, and Measure What Matters partners all gather in Portland, OR, for the first-ever Measure What Matters summit. Convened by B Lab, the Summit provided an opportunity to form connections, share best practices, and set goals for upcoming partnerships.


Prudential Commits Additional $1B

June 26, 2014

Prudential (a B Analytics subscriber) announced a $1 billion commitment to impact investing, preferring GIIRS Impact Rated companies.

G8 Recommendations Released

September 16, 2014

The G8 Social Investment Task Force Report confirmed the central role of impact measurement and need for tools like B Analytics, GIIRS Ratings, and B Corp certification in scaling the impact investing industry. The report also included best practices for impact investing, many of which can be met with B Analytics.

GIIRS Named by SBA as Third-Party Tool

September 25, 2014

The Small Business Administration (SBA) announced an extended $1 billion commitment to impact investing, requiring that Impact SBIC funds use a third party assessment tool. GIIRS Ratings were the only such tool named by the SBA in their guidelines.


B Analytics Launched

September 14, 2013

New B Analytics website launched at SoCap.

PULSE Merged Into B Analytics Platform

September 30, 2013

B Lab and Acumen announce that PULSE is being incorporated into B Analytics. PULSE was developed by Acumen in 2006 to help impact investors to collect, manage, and report on impact portfolio data.


Around the world in 45 days!: GIIRS World Tour

January 31, 2011

200 companies from 25 funds across 30 countries in 45 days. Now that's a beta test!

First 15 GIIRS Pioneer Investors announced

September 20, 2011

At CGI B Lab announced the commitment of 15 GIIRS Pioneer Investors who declare as part of their impact investing strategy an investment preference for GIIRS-rated funds and companies.

First GIIRS Fund Impact Ratings Issued

Oct. 27, 2011

Ratings reports issued for the first Nine Pioneer Funds and 50 Companies to have completed the rigorous GIIRS Ratings process.


First 25 GIIRS Pioneer Funds announced

September 4, 2010

For SoCap announcement, 25 leading funds agree to more than they bargained for by committing to have their portfolios participate in the GIIRS World Tour beta test.


GIIRS and IRIS Conceived

February 9, 2009

Presentation to what will become the GIIN Investors Council (Global Impact Investing Network) outlining the future of two organizations that will become IRIS and GIIRS Ratings & Analytics; Acumen, Rockefeller Foundation and B Lab agree to partner to co-create IRIS (Impact Reporting & Investment Standards).


First B Corps Certified

June 8, 2007

Impact Investing 'Born'

October 5, 2007

First Rockefeller Foundation gathering in Bellagio, Italy at which the phrase 'impact investing' is born.


Measuring what matters: the first B Impact Assessment

September 15, 2006

On an excel spreadsheet, the first version of what will become the B Impact Assessment is created, synthesizing the best practices in socially responsible business from Ben Cohen and Mal Warwick's SVN book, Betsy Power's work with Natural Capital Institute, and the small company version of the Global Reporting Initiative reporting standards.

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