The B Impact Assessment is a free, confidential online tool that has been used by over 50,000 companies to measure and manage their impact. The Assessment measures sustainability across five Impact Areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Customers and Environment, and is the standard used by Certified B Corporations and GIIRS Rated companies. Learn more about the B Impact Assessment.

What makes the B Impact Assessment comprehensive and comparable is its sensitivity to the market, sector, and size of the companies, tailoring the assessment to better fit the unique characteristics of an individual company. Thus, the Standards Navigator is particularly useful in helping our Measure What Matters partners (Fund Managers, City Governments, Supply Chain Managers etc.) understand what questions will be asked of the different types of companies in their network. It is also useful in helping partners determine what B Impact Assessment questions to use as Key Performance Indicators in their networks, helping them prove their impact thesis over time.

The Standards Navigator is just one of many powerful dashboards in B Analytics. Check out our guide for how to use this tool, which is stored on our Knowledge Base.


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