Case Studies

  • Gray Ghost Ventures

    Jennifer McReynolds

    "We needed to have a system where an outsider could come in, audit our impact, and understand it without jumping through multiple hoops. B Lab was able to provide us with that. "
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  • BOCnet (Best for NYC)

    Nancy Carin

    "We found B Analytics incredibly helpful to identify the aggregate positive impact of our businesses and evaluate the industry-specific impact of groups we serve. "
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  • Seventh Generation

    Penny Tudor

    "Through this partnership we have been able to better engage our suppliers to measure their impact. By analyzing that impact data and identifying areas in need of improvement, we are able to better assist our suppliers in improving sustainability. "
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  • Andres Felipe Perilla Rodriguez

    "The program generated better relationships with our suppliers, building trust with them, being able to talk about different topics besides the business. "
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