GIIRS Ratings are the gold standard for funds that manage their portfolio’s impact with the same rigor as their financial performance.

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Demonstrate Your Leadership with a GIIRS Rating

GIIRS uses the B Impact Assessment to deliver a comprehensive accounting of your portfolio’s impact on workers, customers, communities, and the environment. Your team leverages our B Analytics platform to put that data to work for you.

Prove Your Impact Thesis

A holistic picture of your fund and portfolio companies’ impact verifies you are meeting your mission.

Build A Track Record

Impact data makes the story of your fund credible – something future investors will want to see.

Benchmark & Report

Compare your performance against 13,000+ companies and 90 funds.

Amplify Your Impact

Leverage platform tools to identify low-hanging fruit, set targets, and track improvement over time.

Leverage a Powerful Platform

With your B Analytics subscription, all your data is stored in the cloud & is easily accessible.

  • Investors' Circle

    Bonny Moellenbrock & Rachele Haber-Thompson

    "We need a standardized way to compare apples to apples across different impact areas. We saw great potential to do this with B Analytics. "
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  • Sarona Asset Management

    Serge LeVert-Chiasson

    "Our investment committee likes to see whether or not the GIIRS fund manager evaluation is in line with our own assessment of the opportunity. Between the two, we can come up with a consolidated, holistic interpretation of a fund manager’s view of impact and a much more valid and trustworthy understanding of the impact of a particular investment strategy. "
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  • Vital Capital

    Eric Weinberg & Renana Shvartzvald

    "Setting up the fund, we sought advice on how to measure impact and came across GIIRS. We wanted to apply equal rigor to measuring social and environmental impact alongside financial impact. B Analytics provided us with multiple solutions that met our impact measurement, analysis, and reporting needs throughout our entire investment process - from time of consideration to exit. "
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Partner Testimonials

GIIRS Rating Testimonial: Bridges Ventures & Grassroots Capital

The GIIRS Rating In Detail

Learn more about ratings process, rational, program structure, and pricing:

View sample GIIRS Reports for companies and funds.

Join a GIIRS Cohort

Impact management is easier when you work alongside peers. Join 5 - 8 other fund managers going through the GIIRS Rating process in a GIIRS Cohort. Share best practices and learn from each other as you manage and improve your portfolios’ positive impact.

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