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Managing for Impact

Investors are increasingly recognizing the importance of managing the non-financial impact of portfolios. A growing body of evidence demonstrates how managing for impact results in stronger financial returns and reduced reputational risk, and a growing community of institutional investors require disclosure of ESG and impact data. For investors wondering how to start measuring and managing impact, the B Analytics platform provide a seamless data collection, management, and reporting solution for capital markets partners.

  • Beam

    Brian Cayce

    "When a third party benchmarks your performance on a global barometer, it adds credibility. The structure of the impact report was an excellent learning tool. We loved the whole process."
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  • Sarona Asset Management

    Serge LeVert-Chiasson

    "Our investment committee likes to see whether or not the GIIRS fund manager evaluation is in line with our own assessment of the opportunity. Between the two, we can come up with a consolidated, holistic interpretation of a fund manager’s view of impact and a much more valid and trustworthy understanding of the impact of a particular investment strategy. "
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  • Vox

    Daniel Izzo

    "The structure of the B Analytics report – its ease of communication and efficacy for understanding our impact – was able to guide the investor discussion, along with other considerations that led to the investment decision. "
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